Issuance Process Automation

Straight through processed issuances for structured products

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Due to its complex product nature, the development and issuance of structured product investment proposals has been manual and tedious for issuers with fragmented system landscape.
In addition, the generation of legal and regulatory document to accompany the sales process slows down sales activities. LPA software enables you to integrate with various systems and digitalize legal and regulatory compliant documents with its flexible design tools embedded with workflows in line with existing internal processes.

Besides the setup of an issuance platform, LPA enables a fully automated generation of all documents within an issuance process for structured products.

lpa issuance of structured product investment proposals

Internal booking systems
Report product data and calculation results to internal systems

Data Hubs
Update product data to distribution/data hubs RegX, WM data, SIX, etc.

Stock exchange
ISIN.registration on the exchanges via dXXL or other standards

ISIN reporting to depositaries e.g. Clearstream

Distribution via defined channels (e.g. homepage, email, etc.)

Product Database

Centralize and manage economic and regulatory data of financial products along the product life-cycle

Consistent information and ready for automation of an (intraday) issuance

Document Automation

Limitless document automation & management for all languages, layouts and document types of an issuance, s.a. Final Terms, KIDs, etc.

Efficient and error-free

Process Automation

Configurable workflow engine to coordinate, automate and orchestrale the issuance of products

Audit proof and efficient

Calculation Engine

Refine data and calculate for PRIIPs risk and scenario figures, NPVs INet Present Values] xVA. for derivatives and structured products

Flexible and fast

Connectivity Hub

Connect various input and output sources to enrich and transform product data; internal & external, e.g. Lis tings at exchanges

Flexible and audit-proof

Digital client interaction

Translorm data and processes into digital formats to interact with clients

Time-to-market and customer experience

Our solution

Process automation

Seamless system integration with API connectivity to external market providers and internal core systems.

Document automation

Construct documents with logical text blocks to cater for full range of product variations. Sales pitches, term sheets, confirmations, and error-free legal documents in different languages and layouts can be generated at the touch of your fingertips.

Product database

Scalable and flexible product design empowers complex modelling of Equity, FX, Rates and Credit structures.

Easy-to-use toolkits

User-friendly software inspired by derivative structurers enables independent customization and self-maintenance.


Areas of use

  • Issue process automation (primary & secondary market phase)
  • Mass Issuances
  • Intraday Issuances & "Hüllenverwaltung"
  • Individual Certificate Configurator


  • Document generation
    • ⁃ Termsheets
    • ⁃ Final Terms
    • ⁃ KIDs for PRIIPs
    • ⁃ base prospectuses
    • ⁃ global certificates
  • Reports to data hubs (WM, Arriva, SIX, RegXchange…)
  • Reports to Stock exchange (FFM, Stuttgart, SIX, etc.)
  • Reports to local & European regulators (esg. Bafin, etc)
  • Reports to depositaries (Clearstream)
  • Connection to internal booking systems
  • Connection to pricing systems
  • Distribution via website, mail, etc.

Your benefits

Cost Savings thanks to Straight-Through-Processing throughout the entire product generation workflow.

Low Maintenance Efforts due to a Single Centralized Database for Products, Documents and Processes.

Fast Time-To-Market with an integrated issuance life cycle, from idea to pricing to sales to trading to post-trade operations.

Effortless Regulatory and Legal Compliance with centralized database to minimize operational risks.

In-House Solution for scalable growth of products and documents using your existing workforce.


Improve of Quality

  • Manage all issuance related content on one central platform
  • Reuse content over various document types to achieve consistency
  • Apply validation rules to documents and data sets to ensure regulatory compliance as well as permanent level of quality
  • Keep track of content versions and changes in one central system

Gain flexibility

  • Manage various workflows on one central platform
  • Embed document generation into workflows wherever needed
  • Extend or amend workflows and documents as you detect inefficienties, new business requirements or regulatory requirements
  • Consult with the powerful network of the LPA Group when market or regulatory changes require timely action


  • Connect workflows, documents and data structures on one platform
  • Provide one central platform or streamline the interaction between different departments, e.g. Legal, Compliance, Product Management, Distribution
  • Connect all issuance-relevant systems and create one central issuance hub for all issuing entities and countries of distribution

Reduce Number of IT system

  • Manage and create all documents on one platform and reduce the the number of document generation systems to one
  • Manage the issuance workflow for various issuing entities on one platform and reduce the number of workflow tools to one
  • Create seamless issuance workflows and reduce the sources for errors
  • Reduce the effort for system maintenance significantly

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