Digital Client Interaction

Enables digital product advice and presentations ensuring data consistency, traceability and a better client experience.

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The current sales approach for financial market products is still largely based on traditional, often manually and individually prepared sales presentations for each of your clients. Engaging the Sales staff in a time-consuming process accessing various disparate data sources from CRM to pricing systems ensuring data consistency and traceability. In-person meetings must then be manually prepared, and results tediously documented to ensure regulatory compliance and operational risk mitigation.

Simultaneously, margins for products are diminishing from lower demand, driven by a shift to simpler products and multi-bank platforms offering straight-through-processing capabilities.

Opportunity costs are occurring not only on the bank’s side but also on the client’s side, due to lack of information and missing product understanding, calling for a re-thinking how client interaction is handled going forward.

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Our solution

Optimize your digital client communication with our state of the art digital client interaction solution. It offers banks the tools to increase revenues by increasing efficiency, traceability and reducing costs while fully adhering to regulatory and operational requirements.

Harmonization of sales material

Ability to ensure a homogeneous corporate design and content not only across different business units, but also across geographies and client channels.

Centralized Golden Source integrated into internal systems

Through the setup of a centralized Golden Source integrated into internal systems, avoid the need to manually entering client and prospect information into the sales process and reports.

Enrich client experience

Through personalized and interactive digital advisory process and digital presentations reflecting the client’s situation and goals. Engage your clients further with trade specific scenario analysis and explainer videos for increased understanding.

Reduce costs

Automation means reduction in meeting preparation times as well as post-meeting administrative costs allowing the sales team to focus on its core responsibility of client engagement and solutions provisions.

Document repository

The digital advisory process serves as a central document repository for all needed documentation (i.e. Termsheet, cost statements, Key Information Documents, etc.)

MiFID II compliant advisory

Ensure regulatory compliance through automated target market, product suitability checks, risk appetite verification and suitability report generation.

Analytics module

Track client’s usage, behavior and patterns in order to provide a more relevant sales approach and engaged clients.

Fully or partly automated process

Capability to use the processes together with your sales team and even fully automated advisory, increasing client interaction without the need to increase the sales force.

Our tools enable you to optimize your client communication

An enhanced user experience with digital product presentations

Transparency, verifiability and documentation concerning regulatory authorities

Presentation and comparison of various product proposals including ad-hoc pricing

Combining our out of the box solution with integration services into your CRM, pricing and sales tools offer MiFID II compliant sales and advisory processes reducing your time to market, efficiency while maintaining full control and regulatory compliance.

Digital Advisory Process

Digital customer interaction and consulting

Increases the quality and consistency of advice

Increases sales bandwith and customer coverage


Digital Product Presentation

Modern, interactive and individually designed customer experience

Increases the quality of advice

Simplifies the product explanation

Improves effectiveness

Improves market reputation of OTC derivatives


Digital Product Workflow

Automated and improved consulting process

Embedded regulatory and compliance control

Reduces operational risks

Increases efficiency, in order to increase number of advices

Use Cases

Digital product presentations as a means for educational purposes and sparking client interest

Digital advisory process fully encapsulating regulatory requirements

Self-advise process for clients to engage autonomously

Fully digital process integrating internal systems to streamline Sales processes

“Our Commercial Bank/Investment Banking team are using the innovative Digital Product Presentation tool. It offers unique, intuitive and interactive product advice specially tailored towards our clients’ needs. So far we have received plenty of not just positive, but even enthusiastic feedback."


Head of Investment Banking Corporate Commercial Clients,
Southern European headquartered international banking group


Benefits vs. Traditional Sales Approach

Switching to a digital advisory process has benefits for you on all the different stages of the sales process

Traditional Approach

Prepare sales pitches individually

Successive individual appointments

Post processing of advice sessions

Individual initiatives

Digital Approach

Adapt proposal and presentation in live client conversations

Giving a more interactive and engaging experience

Scalable digital sales

Digital tools to support sales (hybrid)

Fully automated robo-advice

Automatic creation of suitability report and all other required documents

Central management & storage of

Client data

Transaction history

New sales initiatives are rolled out centrally & adapted to the respective customer situation


Reduced operational risk & burden

Consistent & appropriate client outreach

Driving continual improvement in client meetings

Streamlined and automated client interaction process

Increase number of advisory sessions per sale

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