Capmatix OTC Suite

Optimising OTC sales & trading activities

Designed as an intuitive, scalable front-to-back platform for wealth and treasury, Capmatix OTC Suite digitalises the sales and distribution processes, establishes new channels, empowers sales and traders, ensures compliance and seamlessly integrates in your entire ecosystem.

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Capmatix OTC Suite

A multi-asset platform for risk management products to provide
a unified digital experience to LPA clients.

Designed to form a connected client experience, Capmatix OTC Suite acts as a gateway to smart, lean and digital sales and distribution processes. Whether your focus is on understanding the current market dynamics, wanting to develop your trading strategy, interacting with your clients, executing across asset-class or following-up on your trading activities, Capmatix OTC Suite gives you the control and flexibility to take advantage of your trading opportunities.

How our solution benefits your team

Our solution covers all business activities – from sales, to trading and B/O – along the product life-cycle; no further systems necessary
We provide you with standardised processes to help you focussing on the primary and essential business activities (e.g. product sales etc.)
Regulatory compliance
Our solution is designed to adheres to the newest set of regulations; thus, for your team there is no need to spend your time on regulatory topics
Time and costs
Reduction of complexity and manual interference – through standardisation and digitalisation – leads to significant savings in time and costs.
Revenue growth
Our solution offers huge potential for scalability and helps you to increase product sales and thus, the overall revenues
IT infrastructure
We host the software as a service (SaaS). Thus, there is no implementation- or maintenance effort and costs on your side
Seamless Integration
We combine advanced trading technology and market intelligence to deliver a digital experience, including a seamless integration to your core banking systems.

"LPA are a long-standing strategic partner for DNB. We chose LPA to develop, integrate a fully compliant cross-asset FX & Rates trading system as part of our continual improvement and digitisation program. The results exceeded our expectations by far. We are now significantly faster than our competitors and our clients value that. LPA will remain a trusted and valued partner."




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with Capmatix OTC Suite

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