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Your one-stop-shop solution for workflows & document generation

Our CapTech Suite speeds up your digital transformation process.
We are providing powerful modules that are used as building blocks within your digital setup. Our modules are highly configurable, so they fit seamlessly into you digital infrastructure.


Pre-configured software modules can be tailored to your operations giving either an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution or an extensible solution to very specific needs.

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Capmatix: What it is and what it does

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Document automation
Automate the generation of commercial documents giving you scalability and consistency.
Process automation
Improve productivity and compliance with Capmatix’s workflow management module.
Calculation engine
Where required, risk calculation engine supersedes third party computation agents.
Digital client interaction
Improve sales process and effectiveness and compliance with client interactivity tools.
Connectivity hub
Minimize complexity with a central connectivity hub automating your document issuance.
Product database
Capmatix serves as a central storage for regulatory & business driven product data.



Download our infographic showing the volume of KID (Key Information Documents)
generated using Capmatix

Example use cases

  • Trade Finance Documentation
  • KYC Outreach
  • Marketing materials
  • Product presentations
  • Client documents
  • Product Review and Governance
  • ISDA master agreements negotiation
  • CSA negotiation
  • CDEA, GMRA, LIBOR / IBOR agreements
  • Syndicated Finance Documents
  • Contracts
  • Confirmation platform
  • & even more...

Ready to see what our software has to offer?

Cutting edge technology

  • Automate manual activities
  • Compliance audit trail
  • Product / system agnostic
  • Integration ease
  • Managed service
  • Straight through processing
  • 100+Capmatix clients
  • 12City locations for local client service
  • 1999Founded with well proven technology
  • 20+Awards.
    Best technology Provider, Best Kid Provider, ...

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