»Nowadays it is essential to bring innovation and new processes to market as soon as possible. We support you to thoroughly and efficiently test your new developments in order to achieve the best quality possible that brings the highest value for your business.«

Hans Joachim Lefeld, Partner LPA

Testing Services

The large number of regulatory requirements as well as the increase in the level of digitalization require extensive test activities in the financial services sector. We support you during the planning, execution and acceptance of your test activities.

We understand the challenges during testing:

  • Increase in test activities due to the digitalization in the financial services sector
  • Ensuring there are enough resources for the test execution and test documentation. You want your employees to use their time efficiently in order that they work on future relevant subjects. This is why there are typically not enough internal resources to participate in the test activities.
  • You want to bring your innovations to market as soon as possible. Quick and well-structured testing is the key in this case.
  • High quality of test results is necessary to secure the employees’ and clients’ satisfaction. Compromising with the test quality leads to system defects, reputational loss and very high cost.
  • Complex stakeholder management due to the fact that many areas of the organization are involved in the testing process.
  • Complex system, process and product landscape, which complicates innovation as well as regular system updates.
  • Less test experience of some of the involved stakeholders. Typically, the teams involved in the tests have none or little test experience. In order to develop sufficient understanding of the test methods, they must invest a lot of time.

Here is how we support you during these challenges:

Competence in test methodology: Our experienced test team takes care of the test planning and organization of test activities, which correspond to your milestones and project goals. We consult you on the testing methods, which should be considered for your project (agile, waterfall or hybrid). We organize trainings for your employees, who are part of the test activities and explain the tools and methods for testing. We support you during the creation of your user stories and test cases.

Test resources: We plan the resources needed for each test phase and provide you with testers with functional expertise if necessary. We understand that the timely test execution and functional understanding of the project scope are the key to project success. We give you access to a pool of consultants, who have multiple years of experience in the financial services sector as well as access to certified test-consultants.

Automation: We support you to automate your recurring test activities (regression tests), which helps you saving test resources and increasing the quality of test results and test documentation. We assist you structure and standardize the test processes in order to reduce complexity.

Audit-proof test documentation: We understand how time-consuming the test documentation and test planning could be. We support you with this documentation by using suitable tools such as a Traceability Matrix, RACI Matrix, establishing the HP QC-structure, writing the test concept and creating test reports on a regular basis.

Stakeholder Management: We understand that many internal resources as well as external service providers are involved in the test activities. We support you with regular communication of the test results and organization of regular meetings between the stakeholders.

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