»As the number of regulatory requirements increases, so does the pressure on financial institutions. The ability to master these new standards relies heavily on intelligent processes.«

Thomas Hungerkamp, Partner LPA

Regulations & Compliance

Regulatory requirements can push existing structures to the limit. With our technological know-how and solution-oriented methods, we ensure that new regulations are implemented in a timely fashion, with no impairment to your ongoing processes.

Let us navigate you through the new waters

The raft of new regulations seen in recent years is testament to the sheer dynamism of economic change. The numerous directives, new standards and laws issued by Europe’s banking supervisory authorities pursue the overarching aim of stability. But digital transformation and the close-knit relationship companies enjoy with clients and partners have made this topic more complex than almost any other before. As the number of requirements has increased, so has the pressure on financial institutions.

This is because ultimately, breaches of the new regulations have more than just legal consequences for banks and companies: whether a minor aberration – for example, inaccurate payment reports – or a substantial breach such as corruption or fraud, an entity’s public reputation can be jeopardised, completely aside from claims for damages and the possible termination of valued customer relationships.

A timely advisory service tailored to your very needs

To ensure that implementation deadlines are met and regulatory breaches avoided, a modern advisory service must be able to identify and avoid risks and then implement workable processes. With our technical expertise and state-of-the-art software solutions, we can guide you safely through the new requirements in terms of regulations and compliance.

Our key topics in Regulations & Compliance

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Thomas Hungerkamp
Thomas Hungerkamp
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Thomas Hungerkamp
Thomas Hungerkamp
Your partner for Regulation & Technology