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»Brexit has the potential, to turn the European financial industry upside down. As internationally active experts of the equity market, we navigate you safely through the challenges that poses.«

Jan Valter, Partner LPA


Our experts support you with the adjustment of operational and strategic targets
in your capital-market business—without interrupting your
running processes.

Sage Steps for Your Orderly Transition

Brexit poses an enormous challenge for the financial industry of the European Union. The result is a transformation process: Banks as well as customers, the market infrastructure and the regulatory authorities are forced to simultaneously plan and execute the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU.

Banks need to take measures within the revocation period of two years to mitigate the consequence of a »hard Brexit« for customer services and disturbances of the market. In the meantime, a close co-operation of financial institutions and regulatory authorities is necessary. Despite the narrow time window, a goal-oriented approach must be resolved to facilitate the ensuing structural change. As soon as the conditions of a future relationship between the UK and the EU are known, banks once more need time to develop strategic solutions—this is the only way to adequately consult customers in the long-run and to ensure an orderly transition.

With long-standing experience in capital-market business, we can guide you securely through these radical changes—be it the adjustment of clearing and collateral processes, or the re-allocation of trade and sales locations.

We support you with the analysis of your individual needs and the introduction of new requirements, the development of possible courses of actions and implementation. By request, we provide the conception and implementation of all necessary measures: in close, trustworthy, and transparent co-operation.

We Provide Support In These Areas Regarding Brexit:

  • Analysis of operational requirements and targets
  • Clearing / Collateral Management
  • Re-allocation of trading books and adjustments of F2B processes
  • Conception of sales processes
  • Development of support strategies and product ideas for end customers affected by Brexit

Our Gap-Analysis For Brexit Covers:

  • Impact Assessment
  • Analysis of strategies, processes, and systems
  • Identification of fields of action
  • Planning of implementation measures

Our Implementation Around Brexit Covers:

  • Development of targets and development of directional decisions
  • Development and conception of implementation solutions
  • Creation of detailed concepts, action plan, and implementation
  • Implementation of organisational adjustments
  • Implementation of technical adjustments (incl. test management)

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Thomas Hungerkamp
Thomas Hungerkamp
Your partner for Regulation & Technology

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Thomas Hungerkamp
Thomas Hungerkamp
Your partner for Regulation & Technology