Your suite for the life cycle management of securities, managing promissory notes/registered securities and accounting.

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Transforming time-consuming and document intensive processes

Provide your back-office teams with a strong solution to support the lifecycle for all kind of securities (e.g. interest fixing, terminations, partial redemption) and to keep all relevant dates in focus and in a central database.

Safe and efficient processing and issuance of registered securities and promissory notes. Transform what can be an extremely time-consuming and document intensive process where manual work can increase both cost and risk, especially when processing a high volume of transactions. Passiv+ enables an efficient and secure settlement by automating processes from a single data source. This also applies to both own and third-party registered securities.




Passiv+ for Life Cycle Management

Interest fixing, terminations, partial redemption, extraordinary redemption, principal paydowns.

Knock Outs, Maturity Settlement.

Corporate Actions.

Event date/deadline monitoring for all kind of issues (integrated and automatic).

Workflow engine offers a maximum of flexibility for e-mails, print-outs, approvals and releases, interface-specific delivery or file creation.


Passiv+ for registered bonds

Counterparty management for the correct legal application of company name, contact partners, bank account details and the validity of non-assessment certificates etc.

Creation of deal confirmations including the monitoring of responses.

Deadline monitoring of outstanding tasks.

Automated creation of certificates.

Models the assignments automatically taking into account the respective interest claims.

Creation of interest and repayment remittance advice to the creditor on interest rate dates or the final maturity of an issue. STP via interfaces, e.g. generation of SWIFT MT 103 or MT 202 messages.

Purchase and sale of third-party issues.

Balance confirmations.

Interest fixing confirmation.

Notification to the German Bundesbank of issues with mandatory reporting.

Interfaces to Blockchain solutions available/plann.


Passiv+ for accounting/subledger

Automated booking: e.g. premium or discount accruals (linear or effective interest rate), accrued interest, interest and capital provision postings, P&L etc.

Provision of key-data for data warehouses e.g. according to HGB (German Commercial Code) and IFRS requirements.

Key facts & figures

Centralized view of the data

Document creation

Deadline monitoring

Enhanced customer service

Electronic Archive


Workflow Engine

Bookings and payments