Benchmark reform: the way into a new interest world

Benchmark reform: the way into a new interest world

(Guest contribution for Zeitschrift für das gesamte Kreditwesen)

Since the aftermath of the GFC and the revelation of LIBOR manipulations, regulators are undertaking a fundamental review of the most important benchmarks and develop reform plans accordingly. In this article, written in collaboration with the German Savings Bank Association (DSGV), we shed light on the status quo and ongoing developments of EURIBOR and LIBOR as well as the upcoming transition from EONIA to ESTER. The bottom line: there is a need of action now to cope with the major challenges coming along with the benchmark reform.

Please find here the article on the benchmark reform.


CapTech Group

Buy-side offensive: LPA Group brings expert Zoran Strbenac on board and expands buy-side portfolio in private customer business

To open up a new target group for its capital market technology solutions with buy-side activities, the LPA Group ( has appointed buy-side expert Zoran Strbenac to the management team in Zürich as the new Sales Client Director DACH. Together with Strbenac, the LPA Group is now driving forward the expansion of CapTech services to include offerings for banks and asset managers with private customers.

Geistesblitz 20/06

Temporary liquidity relief in the Corona crisis using a Step-Up Swap

Geistesblitz 20/06 DE

Temporäre Liquiditätsentlastung in der Corona-Krise durch einen Zinsstufen-Swap

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