»We have developed the right software for you, so that you can meet the demands of modern work organisation—flexibly, time-efficiently, legally.«



Our software for automated, audit-proof creation of documents and
digital sales presentations for banking and capital-market business—tailored to
your requirements and corporate identity.

Terms & Conditions, Product Presentations and Explanation Videos Created at the Touch of a Button

LPADoc merges knowhow and technology, so that you can automate the creation of your processes and documents, and your employees can put in less manual work and focus on consulting customers instead. The software not only enables the automated creation of PIBs, KIDs and of all documents around your individual products and their presentation, it also delivers the digital equivalent of it, e.g. in shape of automatically generated explanation videos and dynamic websites.


LPADoc Was Designed for the Fast Creation of:

  • Documents that need a lot of work in your daily business: PIBs, KIDs and all information documents around your product portfolio.
  • Presentations that quickly and intelligibly show the benefits of your products to your customers: e.g. in shape of PowerPoint presentations, digital explanation videos and dynamic websites.

This Is How LPADoc Helps with Your Daily Business:

  • It guarantees 100 percent flexibility: Our customers use the software for different wrappers, e.g. OTC-derivatives or certificates, and different asset categories like interest rates, currencies, shares, resources, and much more.
  • It automates all product information and presentation: Be it term sheets in Word, sales presentations in PowerPoint, confirmations in PDF, scenario calculations in Excel, explanation videos or dynamic explanation-websites. Secure, consistent, and fitted to your corporate identity.
  • It saves time: Through the automated creation of central product information your employees gain time for that which counts in modern banking, the proactive consulting of your customers.
  • It provides legal certainty: Efficiently define legally secure processes with the LPADoc Workflow Modul. Through individual role and rights concepts every process can be controlled cross-departmental, like issue processes, product introduction and document alignment.
  • It avoids mistakes: Using the same building blocks, all analogue and digital formats are safe from inconsistencies and content-related flaws.
  • It keeps order: For their full life-cycle all parameters and documents around a financial product are being archived.

Simple and Fast Generation of KIDs for PRIIPS

With the introduction of product information documents (PIBs) a few years ago German financial service providers had to face an significantly increased amount of work. What is more, since the end of 2017 manufacturers and distributors of structured investment and insurance-based investment products (PRIIP) must provide small investors with a pre-contractual PRIIP-specific key information document.

The so-called KID is a uniform and for the receiver easy to understand three-page document containing essential information about the product, especially regarding cost and risk assessment. With the PRIIP-regulation the work load for the daily business has increased. Not least, current issues like this one can be integrated into your running operations in a simple and time-efficient way: With our software the creation of KIDs for PRIIPs can be automated at the touch of a button.

Support for Your Digital Transformation

It is part of the digitalisation process to present news to your customers fast and simple: for example, in the form of explanation videos. With LPADoc these can be generated in no time, for example to explain standardised investment products or individual treasury- and risk management solutions in a simple and comprehensible way. The content is solely focused on the customer and provides individual information, visually the videos are fitted to your corporate identity.

Videos made with LPADoc can be sent by email or integrated into your website. This increases the understanding of your products for your retail and wholesale customers and has a positive effect on your sales results.


Product Processes Organized and Implemented Efficiently

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Jan Valter
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Jan Valter
Jan Valter
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