»If you want to keep pace, you can’t avoid digital innovation. By request, we support you during the entire transformation process, from innovation to communication.«

Digital Advisory

Digital Consulting Process

Our software tools for the digitalisation of the consulting process
— efficient and compliant.

Meet Today’s Challenges

For the optimisation of the value chain and customer communication you need digital innovation. Ever more bank customers are at home in the digital world, or have recognized the benefits of digital processes. This new challenge—as well as the restrictions by the European banking regulator—can only be met with the profound digitalisation of the banking business.

The increasing requirements are manifold and need significantly more processing and documentation efforts by financial institutions: This poses new challenges for banks while new competitors disrupt the market.

Our digital consulting process covers all requirements of a »MiFID II«-compliant consulting and comprehensively supports bank consultants with a hybrid application for the consulting process. The use of our software ensures transparency, verifiability, and documentation concerning customers and regulatory authorities.


Our Software Tools:

  • They are suitable for various product offers.
  • They offer a product range with regard to adequacy, investment goals, target market, and respective market estimate.
  • They enable the presentation and comparison of various product proposals including ad-hoc pricing.
  • They offer digital product clarification with digital customer interaction.
  • They enable automated generation of KID and consulting protocols, i.e. suitability statement.
  • They ensure the documentation and recording of the whole session.
Digital Advisory

Digital Transformation of Your Business Model – Cast in One Piece

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Stefan Reiniger
Stefan Reininger
Your partner for Distribution Advisory