»With Captano we offer a single tool that is the digital equivalent of numerous analogue tasks, while maintaining customer-orientation and product-delivery-capabilities.«



Captano is our immediately deployable, individually configured system for the customer service in the field of interest rate and currency management.

Less Effort, More Time For Consulting

Captano delivers fast determination of marketable indicative prices and convenient document creation of power point presentations, term sheets, and product information/basic information leaflets. This means: less routine tasks, more time for your customers.

What is more, Captano helps with process and legal compliance, and with a consistent public presentation thanks to the systematised creation of documents you use. Another key element of our system is the support with compliance to regulatory requirements such as “MiFID II” and “MiFIR”-for this purpose Captano provides integrated solutions and customisable modules.

By request, we can also run Captano for you in order to reduce internal IT work load. Within the context of our consulting concepts we can also provide an on-site consultant.

The Benefits Of Captano:

  • Large repertoire of marketable interest rate and currency management products, and investment solutions for the customer business
  • Easy, comprehensive price calculation-using current market data and customer, product, and bank specific adjustments (for example xVA), that contribute to the customer price
  • Profitability evaluation (RAROC) using profitability indices that are being developed on the basis of credit history of the client and the estimated market movement
  • Determining the starting situation of the customer and parallel review of several alternative solutions
  • Automated creation of offer documents and product leaflets for sales support and aligned trade confirmation for individual customer offers
  • Possibility of customisation according to your needs
  • Local system hosting, i.e. “software as a service” for reduced IT work load

This is Captano

Regulatory Modules:

  • Module for compliance with MiFID-II for interest rate and currency management
  • Sales-trading-workflow for compliance with best execution and cost reporting
  • Module for monitoring the pre-trade transparency obligations
  • Interface for compliance with post-trade transparency obligations
  • Product-governance-module for controlling your product approval procedures
  • Documents like key information documents, ex-ante and ex-post cost reporting

Less routine work, more time for your customers

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Dirk Brendel
Dirk Brendel
Your partner for Captano

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Dirk Brendel
Dirk Brendel
Your partner for Captano