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How we help you to meet today’s challenges with tailored software solutions and our digital consulting process.

Smart Helper for Contemporary Banking

Digitalisation is a huge trend and poses many challenges for banks. On top, regulatory guidelines by the European Banking Supervision result in radical changes of internal business processes. That is why, we have developed suitable software tools for certain segments of these reforms and for your complete digital consulting process. Our software tools provide crucial support on the way to master new challenges—and can be integrated by us into your ongoing operations.

With our technology we follow several approaches: for example, technical simplification, compliance with regulatory norms, and uncomplicated risk analysis. None the less, one of the key words is: Automation. Our software is designed not least to support your employees with their manual work. So that there is more time for what is most important for customer loyalty: professional and comprehensive consulting.

Our Captano-software enables:

  • Quick determination of correct indicative pricing on the basis of current market data
  • Comfortable and systematic creation of documents: Termsheets, PowerPoint, KIDs
  • More process reliability, increased legal certainty
  • Less manual routine tasks, more time for your customers

Our LPADoc-software enables:

  • Creation of documents, KIDs, presentations, explanation videos and websites at your fingertips
  • Protection from content-related mistakes and inconsistencies
  • Adjustment of product design to your corporate identity
  • Reduced work load of manual tasks, more time for your customers

Our Verifino-software enables:

  • Quick and easy portfolio analysis of credit and derivatives portfolios
  • Pricing for interest rate derivates with individual market data access
  • Simulations and scenarios for the assessment of risk potentials
  • Tailored customer presentations for proactive consulting

Our LPACalc-software enables:

  • Uncomplicated risk managemnet of financial instruments
  • Automated structuring, analysis, and assessment of entire portfolios
  • Quick risk identification via implemented valuation models on the basis of current market data
  • Secure assessment of individual customer solutions

Our digital consulting process enables:

  • A functioning digital transformation of your complete business processes
  • Optimisation of your value chain and customer communications
  • Transparency and documentation for customers and supervisory authorities
  • Secure setup against the competition

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Stefan Reiniger
Stefan Reininger
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Stefan Reiniger
Stefan Reininger
Your partner for Distribution Advisory