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»Innovations are essential. But sometimes the key to a successful portfolio lies in the skilful combination of existing products. We have proven many times, that this is a possible road to success.«

Natalie Forman, Partner LPA


This is what efficient structuring looks like:
Define common achievable stages,
and never lose the overall aim out of sight
in the consulting process.

Elements of Our Structuring Process

Become a Customer-Oriented Business

State-of-the-art banking is driven by innovative products that offer your customers exactly what they need and what they are looking for—that increases customer loyalty. As part of our wholistic consulting process we focus on your product-delivery-capabilities that meet and even exceed the customer expectations toward your consulting. This is a distinguishing feature compared to the platform business and new competitors.

The structuring process is about bringing your individual financial products, investment ideas, and risk management solutions, as well as your sales approach to a new level. It has to be easy, intuitive, and digital: The competitor with tailored solutions and simultaneous automation wins.

Our Structuring-Process in Detail:

  • Development of new product ideas: Together, we develop individual, customer and industry specific risk management solutions and investment ideas. Often customer focused solutions can be found using a combination and the marketing of your existing product portfolio, depending on complexity of the customer problem or the particular market situation. (Here you can find an example for this smart way of product innovation.) If specific marketable solutions, that are missing from your product portfolio, are requested for the future we can help with the process of product introduction.
  • Optional companion for customer meeting: We are happy to provide coaching and accompany you to meetings as capital-market experts or supporting colleagues.
  • Identification of restructuring potentials using analysis and evaluation of customer portfolios: This part is about determining the potential of your customer portfolios, and how they can be optimised—an important point of the Structuring-process.
  • Development of new product and sales approaches in the existing environment: Here your customer and industry expertise are combined with our product expertise. Together, we react to changes of the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), double-entry book keeping, and the »BilMoG« (German Accounting Law Modernisation Act). This also holds true for macro-economic topics and industry specific changes.
  • Short-term reaction to market developments: We stay maximally flexible in the consulting process—to be able to react instantaneously to changes for you and your customers.

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Case Studies of Our
Structuring Process

Here you can find exemplary project solutions where our consulting and software solutions led to business success.

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