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»We integrate all levels of employees in your benchmarking process. Only when employees, processes, and products are synchronised you can tap your full potential.«

Markus Diesing, Partner LPA


With expert knowledge and longstanding experience in interest
rate and currency management we determine business opportunities for you.
We review established structures and processes,
and develop applicable solutions and adjustments, and we are able to provide
any help necessary regarding implementation.

Our Benchmarking Process

Identifying Your Potential

An abundance of knowhow and experience provides us with the expertise needed for the implementation and optimisation of sustainable sales products and solutions for interest rate and currency management. For a long time, we maintain the interest rate, currency, and resource management of several customer focused banks.

Starting point of our analysis is a peer-group comparison which allows for an impartial assessment of your status quo. This builds the fundament for our three to eight weeks analysis consisting of a quantitative and a qualitative stage, i.e. first we identify revenue potentials, then we let your employees speak. That way we can determine how you can make the most of your potentials.

Our Potential Analysis Step By Step:

  • Definition of Your peer-group: using business model, customer focus, product range and geographical set-up.
  • Definition of required data: We need your complete (anonymised) loan portfolio, information about organisational and process structure (i.e. interaction between customer facing departments and capital-market departments), existing processes, sales material, model contracts for selected products, as well as your product range.
  • Provision of data and validation: The data you give us will be assessed and evaluated according to data protection regulation and privacy laws; open questions will be discussed directly.
  • Preparation for interviews: Using the reviewed materials, we identify relevant departments and points of contact for individual interviews and coordinate the selection with you.
  • Individual interviews: This is followed by a period of interviews that lasts about two weeks during which we have individual talks with employees from involved departments.
  • Potential analysis: Your loan data will be assessed according to several criteria. That way we develop separate packages according to customer groups that allow for a potential analysis. The result is the achievable total potential in a defined period of time of one to three years.
  • Development of results: The results of the separate quantitative and qualitative analyses will be assessed together and build the fundament for the following recommendation.
  • Final presentation: This is divided into two segments: the quantitative assessment of business relationships and the qualitative results of the individual interviews. Based on the status quo, we estimate revenue potentials (for the overall result as well as for individual areas) and highlight which measures are necessary in order to tap the full potential. The comparison with similar institutions completes the analytical part.

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Case Studies of Our
Benchmarking Process

Here you can find exemplary project solutions where our consulting and software solutions led to business success.

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