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»Customer value is central to modern customer-centric consultation: Step by step we help you to develop a solution-oriented product portfolio that meets the requirements of the digitalisation.«

Henning Gockel, Partner LPA

Distribution Advisory

How we enable you to become customer-centric despite the challenges of
the digitalisation: with a product portfolio made of effective add-on benefits and proactive customer consultation that is state-of-the-art.

Powerful Support in Three Steps

Many banks are under enormous pressure. Most business areas will be digital in the future or they are already. To establish a service that has customer benefit at its heart is crucial for developing your business in a customer-centric way.

That affects the sales process as well as the product portfolio: Only if your capital-market and risk management consultation is up-to-date your business model can meet customer needs.

When consulting you for the optimisation of your sales processes regarding interest rates, currencies, and resources, we follow three basic steps that consist of basic questions around your customers, your products, and your processes.

Our Distribution Advisory

Step 1: Who Is Your Target Audience?

Central for your future consulting-, platform-, and product services is the precise definition of your target audience in the capital-market:

  • Are they multinational businesses that want to deal fast and transparent via electronic platforms?
  • Are they project investors that need cashflow-oriented risk management products?
  • Or are they medium sized businesses that require intensive consultation for their risk management activities?

Because traditional bank consulting for less extensive transactions might become obsolete in the near future, customer loyalty is more important than ever. Medium-sized businesses for example, that operate internationally, do not only depend on adequate products, e.g. that mitigate the risk of exchange rates, they also depend on a consultation that focuses on the right product choice for their respective business model.

It is our mission to bring your target audience together with suitable products. Nothing is more expensive than to define your services without meeting your customers’ needs. Instead, it is about tapping your full revenue potential by addressing your customers in the right way.

Last but not least, revenue potential and consulting go hand in hand: Because consulting is a value added service that needs to be acknowledged by the customer, it also increases your chances of success. By wallet-sizing your target audience you can define your consulting position toward your customers.

Step 2: How Solution-Oriented Are Your Products?

An important factor is the simplification and standardisation of your product portfolio; but the question remains how solution-oriented your products are when it comes to your specific target audience.

The aim is not to have countless product at hand: Our consultation is about to deliver the right products to the right customers in your portfolio.

A new product might need some time. Quite often few products (about 20 percent of the overall portfolio) drives the majority of the revenue (about 80 percent of overall revenue). Still, investment into new products and solutions can be worth your while—as long as products work for various customers and markets.

Step 3: How Constructive Are Your Processes?

This is about questioning the consultaion processes you offer to your customers. For example:

  • Do your most important customers get the most comprehensive consultation?
  • Do you offer the right consulting concepts to your target customers?
  • How are long-term gains achieved for your customers, how can margines be synchronised with comparable target customers—how does that affect a customer-oriented consultation?
  • Are business approaches addressed across departments at an early stage?
  • When and how are experts of interest rate and currency management involved in the product needs of your customers, i.e. with investment financing?
  • Can risk management products be used in the structuring of your credits, and can they help to formulate an individual and unique offer for your customers?
  • Are your cross-departmental processes designed interactively: Do they focus on the customer and enable a value added product offering?

Our Consultation Service for Your Bank in Brief:

  • We enhance your portfolio with products that are designed to meet the current challenges of your customers.
  • We work on the opportunity to proactively approach your customers and sell innovative solutions.
  • We strengthen your customer loyalty long-term: through modern products and a consulting approach that has the economic realities of your customers at heart.
  • We make sure you are prepared for the digital transformation—strategically and technologically.

Elements of Our Service Portfolio:

  • Benchmarking-measures to determine your status quo
  • Developing a differentiated potential analysis
  • Development of innovative product ideas and customer-oriented sales methods
  • Process-structuring, sales- and consulting strategies
  • Comprehensive software support via LPA-technology products
  • Concepts for the digital transformation of customer interaction

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