Digital Customer Interaction
for Corporate Treasury Sales

Empowering corporate treasury sales (CTS) through digital customer experience and digital operational excellence.

Digital operations and services are raising the competitive bar in every banking business area. To capture the opportunity, CTS specialists should embrace a new operating model that dramatically improves the digital customer experience. We enhance your customers’ digital experience and create frontline empowerment of your sales specialists. Our modular software solutions and bespoke consulting capabilities make either fully digital and automated self-services or digitally enabled services and improved human interactions for your CTS business possible. Here is how.

Software Solutions &
Consulting Services

Our building blocks for efficient corporate treasury sales progression.


Software solutions

Providing the entire CTS value chain with automation.
Creating a sales cockpit that boosts distribution ideas.


Consulting services


  • Strategy including wallet sizing and
    business case analysis
  • Advisory levering CTS revenues by supporting
    sales processes
  • Success based deal sourcing and deal closing
    for CTS


  • Customised solutions with regard to
  • Derivatives pricing and xVA calculations
  • IBOR transition guidance

Customer Interaction

Pinpoint the four playing fields, then choose one or all three digital modules.

Define a use case of digital and human intervention
to be combined as needed for each setting.


Select a single or all of our modular digital solutions
(stand-alone or integrated in existing IT).

Digital solutions touch routine processes, advice on product suitability and presentation to the customer.

  • Easily customizable to national and international regulatory norms
  • For client-only, relationship manager and CTS specialist application

Our Modules for
Corporate Treasury Sales

Do you want to to learn more about how LPA can assist you with digital customer interaction
for corporate treasury sales?

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Stefan Reiniger
Stefan Reininger
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