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The Project

The aim of the project was to provide individualised and holistic interest rate and currency management consulting for corporate clients and municipalities with the help pf LPA-software Verifino. In this way, the consulting process was to be improved long-term and lasting customer loyalty to be achieved. In order to stand out of the competition, we focused on the quality of the consulting process which was to be designed in a contemporary way with the help of the Portfolio Analyzer.

The Strategy / Our Approach

In the beginning, Verifino was used exclusively for the municipal customer business of the client. The precise presentation of analysis results was an ideal door-opener so that the application could be used for the corporate customer business as well. That way, the customer relationships in both segments intensified.


The Software

Verfino supports the analysis of loan and derivatives portfolios. Next to the graphic presentation of repayment and leverage processes, the analysis included the simulation of different interest rate scenarios. Because it includes loans and the connected interest rate derivatives business for customer organisations, the software is able to create a holistic image of the interest rate risk. Fixed interest rate expirations, individual loans not fully secured in volume or maturity, and loan portfolios are analysed using simulations and the risk potential is shown. Verifino is adjustable to customer needs and a precise instrument for the analysis and development of improvement suggestions for risk mitigation in the portfolio management. As a central software it helps members of the sales team and other employees with the portfolio analysis of loan and derivatives portfolios. The efficient use of Verifino and the created presentations allow for a predictive design of the customer consulting in order to increase customer loyalty.

Our Solution

The use of the Portfolio Analyzer enabled the client to analyse the liability and derivatives portfolios of its municipal and corporate customers, and to derive business incentives for the interest rate and currency management. With the results of the analysis, the client was able to proactively consult its customers: From then on, the best derivative opportunities for portfolio hedges could be developed together. With the help of the automated creation of individual consulting documents the preparation efforts for customer meetings could be reduced significantly, while the intensity of the customer consulting process increased. Minimal effort was needed for the implementation of Verifino into the IT-processes of the client. The password secured online application environment met all security requirements. In order to quickly use the potential of the software, employees received an in-depth training in our academy.


The Entire Consulting Process
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