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Case Studies

The Project

Because of the growth of the platform business and the continuous erosion of revenue of the customer business, the client aimed for a re-orientation of its capital-market business and the position of quality leader in the industry. Therefore, it was our objective to build a solutions-team for corporate sales. Personal and solution-oriented consulting is an important differentiator from new competitors: That is why we focused on an increased consulting competence.

The Strategy / Our Approach

For the implementation, the first step was a proof-of-concept phase in which the status quo was analysed and new sales approaches were developed using real customer cases. In close co-operation with the client, we developed the vision of the introduction of a solutions-team as a success promoter for the customer business in order to drive the transformation into a consulting-oriented sales-organisation. In the beginning, we established a pipeline for customers with increased consulting-needs to create a beacon and achieve organisation-wide acceptance for this approach. Simultaneously, the new solutions-team was trained with the required knowhow.


The Software

For the introduction of new sales approaches including the development of new sales documents, we used three software solutions: Verifino for the analysis of complex liability portfolios of municipal utilities, providers, and project developers; LPADoc for the automation of the newly developed sales documents; and LPACalc for the structuring of customer-individual solutions and the analysis for sales initiatives.

Our Solution

To increase customer awareness of an institution with high consulting expertise, the advisory-sales-approach for the customer business was implemented across the company. For that purpose, the solutions-team was put together and worked as a catalyser: Next to the contribution to selected customer cases it serves as a knowledge-storage and proactively drives the improvement of the sales-setup. This was realised in a long-term co-operation between us, the corporate sales department of the client, and the members of the new solutions-team.
Some of the tasks of the new team included:
  • The development of new scalable sales approaches
  • The analysis, development, and pricing of customer-individual solutions
  • The development of new market and product campaigns
  • The creation of pricing-templates
  • The improvement of a customer-need-oriented product range that is close to the market
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