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The Project

The client, a European full-service bank, wants to realign its sales of risk management products in the customer business. As customers will be increasingly using trading platforms for less complex transactions (e.g. foreign exchange coffer and forward transactions), it was necessary to strengthen the personal and solution-oriented consulting.

The Strategy / Our Approach

Solution- and customer-oriented consulting imposes significant requirements on a bank and its employees: That is why, in a first step customer groups were identified whose business potential in the eyes of the bank justified such support. In workshops with the market department, concrete target customers were defined and a »risk map« was developed. In this context, we led interviews with the client relationship managers to get in-depth insights into the business model of the targeted customers and their economic reality, especially regarding interest rate risks and currency risks. Building on the analysis, business approaches were developed and discussed—especially taking into account the risk-bearing capacity of the bank and of long-term benefits of the individual suggested solution. Together with the market department customer meetings were arranged, solutions were discussed with the customer and adjusted to their needs.


The Software

Our consulting was concerned with the client’s process design and implementation. Because the bank did not have a specialised structuring team at that point, we took over this function, made the bank’s employees fit for this task, and helped with the implementation. For the structuring process, our LPACalc-software was used: It allows for the structuring of flexible solutions in currency risk and interest rate risk management, and for conducting customer-specific simulations.

Our Solution

The consolidation of these processes was achieved by the so-called »Dealteam«-concept. This means, we created heterogenous teams for each customer group / customer, comprising employees from the market department, sales, and the structuring team. This way, in defined cycles customers were presented, business approaches developed, and new business was generated. After that, the Dealteams were expanded successively with other departments of the bank, or the latter were consulted were needed. As a result, we were not only able to get a holistic view on all business activities per customer, but together we also identified and developed new cross-selling approaches.

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